I was sitting at the beach today recovering from a 4k walk we just did and gazing at some kids playing, full of energy. It is then that I remembered how, me too, when I was young, I used to be full of energy all the time. I remember when walking places was just not an option, you just had to run everywhere. So why was I so tired now from a small walk?
My body is still relatively young and should not be decaying yet. And as far as energy, we eat more than kids and their body probably spends a lot of energy growing and building itself. We are done growing, all the food we eat has only one purpose: kinetic energy. So where is it? Did we loose efficiency? Is our brain, with our grown up problems, sucking too much energy? It just does not seem fair. Maybe somebody can find a way to get the energy back!


One thought on “Kids”

  1. Friends, all is in the mind!
    Aim to climb the highest peaks and the travel the farthest… 😉
    Our bodies shall follow.

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